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Master Your Ketosis, Just Blow to Know

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Master Your Ketosis, Just Blow to Know

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In 2020, Qi Diagnostics expanded its research scope by not only continuing to develop breath testing in the medical technology field but also applying this medical breath testing technology to the field of health management. They developed the KetoAir, a breath-testing device to detect the state of ketosis.
The popularity of the ketogenic diet has been increasing worldwide, with many people adopting it to achieve health goals such as weight loss, blood sugar control, cholesterol reduction, and inflammation reduction. However, successfully entering ketosis is not easy, as the body needs time to adapt and each person's body is different. Moreover, the ketogenic diet plans available in the market may not be suitable for everyone, and many people give up during the exploration phase due to the lack of visibility of their ketosis progress.
Therefore, Qi Diagnostics founders Grover and Kenneth aimed to promote healthy living by developing the KetoAir, which allows users to know their ketosis state in real-time through breath testing. This enables ketogenic diet users to understand how different foods affect their ketosis level, design their ketogenic meal plans, and more effectively enter ketosis.
The KetoAir can be used anytime, anywhere, making the ketosis state more transparent and encouraging people to continue their ketogenic diet for a healthy lifestyle.

Personalize Your Meal Plan

Wonder how different foods impact your ketosis? Remove the guesswork and find out which foods best suit you

Optimize Your Workout

Figuring out how different types of exercise affect your ketosis can be a game-changer for reaching your fitness goals

Track Your Daily Status

See how your ketosis is affected before and after a day



Pretested to ensure the acetone sensor is properly calibrated


Stylish and pocket-sized; you can monitor your ketosis anytime and anywhere

what you need

What You Need



Quick and easy

With a single blow; you get your result in seconds


KetoAir is FDA Class I Certified

1. Bluetooth enabled for effortless record keeping

2. Manual entry allowed so users can edit and add contextual data to their records

Real Reviews From Real Members

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It is lightweight, easy to carry, and has an exclusive app that can record every data. It is recommended for everyone to use!
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The ketone machine has been blown down for the past few days, regardless of the length of time before meals, after meals, or on an empty stomach, as long as the food is eaten correctly, there will be no big deviation in the execution of ketone production, and the figures will be stable.
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The ketogenic diet lost 20 kilograms in three months, and the next three years will be a low-sugar diet, relying entirely on diet records to observe whether I am eating right, but if I encounter KETOAIR earlier, I think I can get twice the result with half the effort and execute it more easily. It is really is a very good record tool! !

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