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【Officially Launched】KetoAir™️  App Now Available on Apple App Store and Google Play!

(Hong Kong, 05 Sep 2023)  We are excited to share that the KetoAir™️  app is now officially available on the Apple App Store and Google Play! Doesn’t matter if you are an iOS or Android mobile user, you can easily download and experience our innovative app on your mobile device. Our KetoAir™️  Project is 100% completed, we welcome Business Collaborations!

KetoAir™️ has obtained FDA certification in the United States. Users can now measure their ketone levels through breath analysis, making it suitable for individuals following a ketogenic diet to manage their fat metabolism. Additionally, it is also ideal for diabetic patients to non-invasively monitor the potentially life-threatening condition of diabetic ketoacidosis, allowing for early detection and treatment. 

The KetoAir™️  App allows you to easily track your ketosis status. By connecting to the KetoAir™️ via Bluetooth, you can perform a breath test and the ketone results will be synchronized into the application. This way, you can have a clear overview of your ketosis history, helping you manage your ketogenic state more easily.

KetoAir™️  Breathalyzer:

– Accurate, real acetone sensor

– Quick and easy – Just a single blow, get the result in seconds

– Test anytime and anywhere

– Keep yourself monitored and motivated, helping you to sustain your perseverance

KetoAir™️  App:

– Connect the device via Bluetooth

– Log your ketosis record

If you are interested in business collaboration, please feel free to contact us at We look forward to partnering with you to bring the convenience and painless experience of KetoAir™️ to everyone!

Apple App Store download link:

Google Play download link:

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